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The Blue Talon Bistro
Creative Team


Tom Tingle, a principal in the firm of Guernsey Tingle Architects, translated our cocktail napkin sketches into something that building inspectors and builders could understand. His vision inspired the hard work of our project director Andy Cronan, resulting in the detail and finishes on the building have actually earned Tom and his firm, Guernsey - Tingle Architects, an award for outstanding renovation (2006 ACRE - Excellence in Development Design Awards Program: Best Renovation/Historic Rehabilitation.) Their original elevations and floor plans have been included here to show the scope of their work. You may also come across photos on our site that demonstrate the changes made to the building from its previous appearance.
      Tom Tingle, AIA - Principal, Guernsey Tingle Architects:, (757) 220-0220
      Andy Cronan, AIA - Guernsey Tingle Architects: (757) 220-0220

Interior Designer

The look and feel of The Blue Talon Bistro is a product of our inspired designer, Kathryn Tawes, and her ability to interpret traditional bistro details into something that is modern and alive. Kathryn’s unique talent provides the Bistro with amazingly modern, upbeat and fun colors as well as complementary upholstery pieces that all combine to create a warm and inviting space. Her use of changes in texture and surfaces gives energy and visual excitement to first-time and returning visitors alike. From the art on the walls to the mosaic tile work, Kathryn’s attention to detail can be found throughout the restaurant.
     Kathryn Tawes - KT Interiors:, (757) 719-1315


No one was more instrumental in helping us get this restaurant built on time than our builder, Richard Worley. Rick’s seemingly endless knowledge and skills kept us on track, regardless of the obstacles that came our way. Rick helped us make the most of the building features, leaving exposed brick, showing off the high ceilings and reassuring not only all of us that all was on track but also making sure our building inspectors felt that way as well. Given the fire we suffered in December of 2006, our relationship with Rick has remained strong. His efforts to put the restaurant together without delay were instrumental in getting Blue Talon Bistro open months ahead of schedule.
    Rick Worley - Richard Worley Contractors, Inc.: (757) 532-0871

Kitchen Designer & Fabricator

Al Berger flew here from his home in Texas to put together a custom kitchen for The Blue Talon Bistro that was exactly what Chef David Everett had envisioned. The island cooking suite, the water cooled refrigerators, even the dishwashing area all were maximized through Al’s expertise and experience. His whole crew drove up from Texas for the final install and we have never seen better work anywhere. Equally indispensable has been Alliance’s Jim McNally, whose competence in designing custom pieces to answer our most unusual requests has been amazing.
     Al Berger, Jim McNalley - Alliance Food Equipment:, (972) 820-8352


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