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Blue Talon Bistro offers a rare combination of casual comfort and quality that makes both newcomers and regulars feel completely at ease.

Chef David Everett’s focus on Serious Comfort Food gives him and his staff the chance to offer both traditional favorites and original creations that demonstrate both his renowned culinary talent and insight into modern dining.

An innovative wine list, outstanding service and a warm and inviting atmosphere complete the picture, leaving guests eager to return for another visit.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We had heard so many good things about Blue Talon. We just went for drinks as a birthday treat. We sat at bar because we are bar people. Sitting at bars, you can tell a fair amount about a place by the selection of spirits behind the bar. I was very impressed in that I had never tried quite a few of the types I saw.  My wife had one of the best glasses of wine she has found in our 3 years in Williamsburg. I tried a whiskey recommended by the bar tender. We also tried a selection of cheeses. Looking around us, we were impressed with the energy of the place and the friendliness of the staff. Blue Talon is quite pricey, but we will definitely consider for special occasions.
Hugh R, From Trip Adivsor

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    SEAFOOD CURRY - green curry with rice $29.95

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